Portfolio and possible outputs

Eklipse reports

Eklipse provides outputs that decision-makers need, in the format and timescale they require them in, to the highest standard, following robust, inclusive and transparent processes. Since Eklipse was created back in 2016, Eklipse has launched five open calls for requests and processed twelve. From these processes, reports have been systematically written and several additional products have also been produced. These additional products seek to better communicate to and engage with different stakeholders, taking into consideration the broad diversity of topics related to biodiversity and ecosystem services that the Eklipse requests address. Although the outputs mainly targeting decision-makers, the several requests have also had impacts on science and in the media. Visit our requests and see all the final outputs developed over the years.

– New report out: “Building Resilient Coastal Communities through Nature-based Solutions and Empowerment Tools”


A broad diversity of outputs

Please find below a list demonstrating the range of additional products that have been created so far:

– Policy Briefs
– Press releases
– Scientific papers
– Posters
– Comics
Events, such as science cafés, workshops
– Presentations
– Executive summaries