Join the European Network of Networks (ENoN)

Join the ENoN

Many networks of knowledge, institutions and research projects are active in the European Science-Policy-Society-Interface for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. Eklipse proposed the creation of a dynamic and open European network of networks (ENoN) entitled the “European Network of Networks for SPSI on Biodiversity”. ENoN aims to promote synergies between these entities, as well as a range of different stakeholder groups, including policy and the wider society. In order to work closely on existing as well as emerging structures, relevant international, European and national networks, funded research and innovation projects are welcome to join the ENoN.

Why be a part of the ENoN?
  • Support knowledge-based decision-making in the EU on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, contribute to enhancing the legitimacy and transparency of the science, policy and society interface, strengthen collaborative work across countries and knowledge domains, and increase the reach of all its members
  • Broaden the policy relevance of your network activities by disseminating them widely via the European Network of Networks for SPSI on Biodiversity and support the dissemination of topical information to improve knowledge use in the decision-making process.
  • The ENoN has a horizontal, flexible, dynamic and light structure that demands low effort from its members and does not oblige the allocation of any monetary compensation

If your network is interested in being part of the ENoN, please contact us.