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Eklipse reports have had a significant impact in Europe over the past few years, leading to the development of evaluation frameworks, policy recommendations, scientific articles, events, key messages and media coverage. Please have a look in the impact section in each request page for more details.  Find some examples of coverage of Eklipse reports below:

Scientific coverage of the Impact evaluation framework for Nature Based Solutions report (2017)

Citations of the Report in scientific articles (link to Google scholar)
Citations of the paper Raymond et al. (2017) in other scientific articles  (link to Google scholar)

Media coverage of the Impacts of ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) on wildlife report (2018)

Nei, fugledøden kommer av 4G, 3G, 2G og radarer by Einar Flydal, in Einar Flydal blog  [26 March 2018]

So, these peeps, the usual nutters or what? by Tim Worstall, Tim Worstall  [18 May 2018]

Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones poses a “credible threat” to wildlife, ICT News  [25 May 2018]

Is our addiction to technology putting wildlife at risk? Experts warn electromagnetic radiation from WiFi and power lines poses a ‘credible threat’ to Earth’s species by Cheyenne MacDonald, in Daily Mail [18 May 2018]

Electromagnetic radiation from power lines and phone masts poses ‘credible’ threat to wildlife, report finds by Sarah Knapton, in The Telegraph  [18 May 2018]

Radiation from cell phones, Wifi are hurting the birds and the bees; 5G may make it worse by Dana Dovey, in 19.05.2018 Newsweek [18 May 2018]

Double trouble that will do in mother nature: Electromagnetic frequencies and glyphosate, if weather geoengineering doesn’t get us first by Catherine J. Frompovich, in Natural Blaze [20 May 2018]

Is electromagnetic radiation from WiFi threatening wildlife? by Kyla Cathey, in [20 May 2018]

Why your phone’s threatening wildlife, >in The Standard  [21 May 2018]

Mikrovågsstrålning från trådlös teknik och 5G ett hot mot insekter, fåglar och växter, in Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation [22 May 2018]

Newsweek is the latest to warn about cell phone radiation, WiFi, and 5G technology causing harm by B.N. Frank (commenting Newsweek’s article), in ActivistPost  [22 May 2018]

Study looks into whether mobile technology could damage wildlife by Peter Byrne, in LandLove  [23 May 2018]

Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones poses a ‘credible Threat’ to Wildlife by Sequoyah Kennedy, in Mysterious Universe [23 May 2018]

Electromagnetic radiation from power lines a “very real” threat to wildlife: Study by Vicky Batts, Ecology News [16 June 2018]

Our cellphone addiction is turning wireless tech into an invisible weapon that’s destroying wildlife by Reynard Loki, in EcoWatch  [03 August 2018]

Electromagnetic fields threaten wildlife by Dr. Joel M. Moskowitz, in Electromagnetic Radiation Safety blog  [31 October 2018]

Does cellphone use kill birds? Experts weigh in on idea promoted by Shankar’s ‘2.0 by Priyanka Thirumurthy, in The News Minute  [04 December 2018]

French farmers sue the state over mystery cow deaths they blame on electromagnetic fields by Henry Samuel, in The Telegraph  [26 April 2019]

Radio Frequency Radiation (EMF) threatens plant and animal species with extinction by Lisa Henkes, in GlobalResearch  [11 June 2019]

Postpone the rollout of 5G in the UK, pending further independent investigation, response by the UK Government, in UK Government and Parliament Petitions [18 July 2019]

Mögliche Wirkungen elektromagnetischer Felder auf Tiere und Pflanzen, in Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz  [29 September 2019]

To halt the rollout of 5g technology in Brighton & Hove by Gill Foote, in Brighton & Hove City Council ePetition  [24 October 2019]