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Eklipse was created in 2016 to help governments, institutions, businesses and NGOs make better-informed decisions when it comes to biodiversity in Europe. A European Union funded project until November 2020, it is now managed by Alternet, the European Science-Policy Interface on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

Eklipse has already answered requests on a vast range of topics, by synthesizing the best available knowledge from scientists and other knowledge holders.


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Online Workshop: “Biodiversity in post-covid cross-sectoral challenges ” –

An Eklipse and JRC- Knowledge Center for Biodiversity co-organized event

A European Union H2020 funded project, Eklipse was granted additional funding under the H2020 Green Deal Call, as part of the EU response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to organise a workshop and answer the need for evidence that will come out of it. The workshop, taking place today May 31st 2021 from 09:30 to 16:30, gathers policy makers from various EU Institutions and international experts, to invite them to take a  reflective journey in two steps implementing an innovative process to work across silos on common knowledge and evidence needs.

Focus on a request  –

Impacts of green and blue space on mental health

Urban green and blue areas contribute to our mental health by reducing air pollution, reducing stress levels, increasing social interactions, among others. Despite these clear benefits, particularly in crisis time as the Covid one, we have not enough information about how these areas should be designed to enhance their benefits to our growing urban populations. An Eklipse Working Group (EWG) has analysed the current evidence and provided recommendations to understand better the crucial influence of nature on our mental health and well-being. To learn more about this request put forward to Eklipse by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition (MTES) and the World Health Organization (WHO), consult the request´s webpage, read the outputs (report, article…) or listen to our podcast.

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Eklipse offers you the opportunity to explore its values and past requests by listening to enlightening conversations with experts, sharing their knowledge with us. Visit our podcast webpage and learn more about Eklipse added values (first episode), Transformative change for sustainability (Second episode), Pollinator conservation measures (Third episode), Restoration of biodiversity and ecosystem services (Fourth episode) and Nature-Based Solutions for urban areas (Fifth episode), Biodiversity and the Common Agricultural Policy (Sixth episode), Environmental regulation, business and Biodiversity (Seventh episode).

– New episode out –  Impacts of green and blue spaces on mental health

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At Eklipse, we have a unique, innovative process enabling us to synthesise the best available knowledge to support decision makers.

Marie VandewalleHead of Eklipse Management Body, Alternet's Science Policy Officer

We have built Eklipse around strong values of independence, transparency and inclusiveness.

Juliette YoungAlternet's Science Policy Officer, Eklipse's former coordinator