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A multimedia resource for biodiversity and ecosystem services topics. The Eklipse network has provided evidence based information that can help ensure a sustainable future in which decisions rely on trusted evidence. Keep your ears open to find out more!

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First episode: How Eklipse makes a difference

Biodiversity is a complex issue which in face of the growing urgency requires evidence-based decision making. Learn more about how Eklipse makes a difference as a Science-Policy-Society Interface to answer relevant questions on issues related to biodiversity and ecosystem services at the European scale and thereby support decision makers to develop evidence-informed policies.

Guests: Marie Vandewalle, Philip Roche, Ute Jacob, Lynn Dicks

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Second episode: Transformative change for sustainability

Can we live in harmony with nature? Yes, but it would take deep change and collective effort. An incremental transition would not be enough, with the imperative of ensuring that transformative action is built into our collective recovery becoming ever more urgent. New social norms and laws will be required to unlock the necessary changes at the local and global levels.

What is transformative change? Eklipse´s second podcast tries to answer this question, showcasing fresh approaches to tackle the direct and indirect drivers of biodiversity loss, and explaining what we can do as individuals, and as societies, to be an activator of positive changes.

Guests: Harriet Bulkeley, Heidi Wittmer, Marco Fritz

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Our podcast host, Éva Bánsági

“As an environmental journalist I tell people every day how we use, observe, estimate, admire, overuse, destroy, devastate, protect or co-operate with nature. I’m passionate about doing my job by talking to people who are determined to make our only home a better place for us and for all the other creatures. The scientists around the Eklipse mechanism are really that kind of people: they help decision-makers have a better understanding of our environment as they play a key role in protecting what nature offers us.”