Connecting the scientific community for Ukraine

The European Commission – DG Research and Innovation, Eklipse, Science for Ukraine and Chance for Science initiatives for Ukraine are collaborating to explore ways to reconnect and network the scientists and researchers of Ukraine who are either dispersed all over Europe/world or struggling to keep doing their research and teaching in Ukraine. The main idea behind this common initiative is to support the Ukrainian Scientific community to keep Ukrainian science strong, connected and well networked with the rest of the European Scientific community.

Concretely, we are organising an open and regular virtual meeting inviting all Ukrainian scientists and any scientists/organisations/ initiatives willing to present any existing or planned activities or opportunities supporting Ukrainian scientists.

The objectives of these regular calls are multifold:

  • to create a communication platform for Ukrainian scientists to learn about existing and future opportunities, discuss them and have the possibility to ask questions and potentially find a matching solution.
  • To collect the needs of Ukrainian scientists and collect additional opportunities which are not already registered under or
  • To share people’s experiences with those opportunities: all meetings will end with an open space for discussion for whoever would like to stay for another hour.

Please note that these regular meetings are expected to evolve and adapt following the needs discussed at the calls. The presentations will be held in English but translation English / Ukrainian can be provided live. Please note that all meetings will be recorded, and links to the recordings could be shared with whoever could not join the meetings.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the core organisation team of this initiative through 

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Connected, 

The European Commission – ERA4Ukraine, Eklipse, Science for Ukraine and Chance for Science initiatives

How to participate to the weekly open and regular virtual meeting every Wednesday at 10 am (CET)?

The link to connect, the updated agenda and the recording of the last meeting can be found HERE.

How to register to the mailing list?

Just send an email to , telling us that you would like to be informed of the future meetings through our Mailchimp mailing list.

Did you miss a meeting?

Please view the recording of the meetings :